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About Me

Operating out of a very small box room in the North of England, I've been writing online since 2004, as a commentator on British sci fi, PC gaming and more recently mobile technology, in particular Windows Mobile. Since joining Bright Hub I've had the opportunity to contribute BlackBerry-related content as well as general Windows XP material.

I dreamed of being a writer as a young boy, and never for one moment imagined I would be doing it via computer and the World Wide Web; which I guess means I failed to have required imagination [:)]

My Awards & Certifications

ITIL: Foundation

My Experience

I worked in a software support role from 2007-2010 for a major UK software company.

From 2004-2007 I was employed in IT support within a major UK public service body.

From 2003-2004 I worked as an Information Officer in the NHS.

I played my first videogame - a simple light gun - aged 3, and progressed through 8 bit and 16 bit home computers before buying my first PC in 1994; ignoring the obvious educational benefits, I've spent most of the intervening years locked in combat with various computer controlled foes.

My love of mobile technology also stems from childhood, in particular a "Knight Rider"-branded digital watch that played the show's theme tune. I purchased my first Psion handheld computer in 1995, and graduated to Windows Mobile in 2000. From here I progressed through the various Pocket PC versions through to Windows Mobile 6.1 before switching to Android.

I currently use a HTC HD7 Windows Phone, an Advent Vega tablet with modded Honeycomb operating system and a Windows 7 64-bit desktop running a four core Phenom II CPU, plus various virtual machines...

Find out more by reading my LinkedIn profile.

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