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  • The Future of Memory

    A good computer is largely defined by the quality of its memory - so what's in the future for memory technology? Here's a peak into some of the upcoming technologies that might just change how we think of memory.
    Published on  May 24, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • DIY Star Filter

    Star filters can add that little extra something to your night photography shoots, that starry twinkle of the lights... but for many, 20$+ is a bit much for a cool toy. This article outlines how to make your quick, cheap & easy DIY star filter...
    Published on  May 23, 2011 to Digital Photography

  • The Future of Wired Networks

    There are two types of connection in this world, wired and wireless, and both are advancing at a breakneck speed towards to the future. This article outlines trends in wired networks, and what the future might have in store.
    Published on  May 23, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • The Future of Broadband

    Broadband technology is critical in our modern society - so knowing what's happening with broadband in the future is of the essence. Here's an overview of what to expect in the near future.
    Published on  May 22, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • What is GPS Modernization?

    GPS technology is an old one—decades old, in fact, and it's starting to deteriorate. Huge changes are about to sweep GPS, including new signals, new satellites, and higher powered signals. This article discusses the program of GPS modernization...
    Published on  May 22, 2011 to GPS Navigation Systems

  • Nothing But the Facts: Carl Sagan: More Than "Just" An Astronomer

    What's Carl Sagan famous for? If you're having trouble pinpointing any single achievement, you're not alone. Throughout his life, Carl Sagan participated in a startling variety of activities, from television shows to bestselling novels...
    Published on  May 22, 2011 to Space

  • The Future Of VDU Screens

    Computers are useless without a screen, so how the technology evolves is of importance to every computer user. So what's next? This article looks at future computer monitors that might be appearing in the not-too-distant future as a screen near...
    Published on  May 20, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • Calibrating a Monitor in Linux

    Whether your interests lay in creating picture-perfect digital photos for print, or in simply receiving the most beautiful image in your media experience, monitor calibration is essential for perfect color. This article outlines how to calibrate a monitor...
    Published on  May 19, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • Open Source Textbooks

    Open source has been a bit of a buzzword lately, and with good reason: open source ideals are infecting everything from its traditional software base to hardware specifications to even textbooks. This article examines some recent open source textbook...
    Published on  May 19, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in South Africa

    The current climate change is a global problem, and every country needs to make an effort to combat its varied effects—which includes countries we may not immediately think of. This article discusses the historical, present and future efforts of...
    Published on  May 19, 2011 to Environmental Science

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