Web Hosting

Web hosting lets organizations or individuals put their websites on the Internet. These internet hosting services use their own space on a server, Internet connectivity and, in some cases, databases in exchange for a fee. Here you’ll find which of these service providers is the best, which are the worst, who has what to offer, and anything else you’d like to know about web hosting.

Free Websites with Free Domain Names

When money is tight, there is nothing better than starting a free website with a free domain name. When checking out these free offers, make sure to read all the fine print and ensure the website is free. Free websites with free domain names are available for both personal and professional websites

Top 4 Free Video Web Hosting Options

If you are looking for free video web hosting options, there are some websites that offer this service. Anyone can use them. You can be an amateur or professional video maker to benefit from their services. Discussed are four of these options.

Common Top Level Domain Names: More than Just .com

Web designers and people who want websites built for them should be aware of all the top level domains, commonly referred to as TLD’s. These are the extensions behind the domain name after the dot. Read this to find out more about the common top level domains.

List of ccTLD’s

Country Code Top Level Domains, also known as ccTLD’s, are two letter domain extensions, designed to show the origin country for a website. Rather than listing all the country codes here, we discuss the importance on ccTLD’s to web designers.

Learn about Web Hosting and CHMOD File Permissions

Sometimes, files need certain access from the web host to make sure the site is functioning correctly. This means the file permissions need to be changed, and this is something that confuses many people. Read this to find out more about changing file permissions and how to do it.

Fantastico Script Library

When I started my first website, I had little to no knowledge of mySQL databases and website coding. More than a year later I found Fantastico and the rest is new website history.

1and1 Review of the Web Hosting Company

1and1 are one of the largest providers of web hosting and they offer a number of packages suited to any needs. Their prices are competitive, their service is reliable and they offer easy to use software for beginners. Their customer support is their weak link but overall 1and1 are recommended.

Use ASP.NET to Setup User Accounts on Your Website

While there are numerous ways to create and manage website user accounts, Microsoft ASP.NET has an easy-to-use yet robust application that takes the pain out of user account administration. This first article in a series describes the first steps in the process.

Purchasing SSL Certificates from Your Web Host

Do you have an online shopping or e-commerce site? Do you require users to log into your site or to provide personal information? Are your visitors unsure that their personal and financial information is secure? Answering “Yes” to any of these questions means that SSL certificates might be for you.

JustHost Web Hosting

Are you currently looking for a web hosting company that is dependable and has a lot to offer? Read this guide to see if JustHost is what you are looking for.

A Complete Review of The Web Hosting Companies Godaddy and Hostgator

One important decision that one must make when deciding to start a website or blog is choosing a host. Although there are a vast number of hosts to choose from, it is best to go with a reputable company, as you will have the security of knowing that they will not go under or go out of business.