Design Tips and Tricks

All the information you need here to help you decide on your website color scheme, layout, and the usability of the interface is in this topic. Start here to learn about designing your site, and move on to the other topics to help you with programming your website to make it ready for the internet.

A Web Design Quiz for the Budding Web Designer

How much of the basic web design practices are you really aware of? You do not have to remain in suspense over this. You can take this beginner web design quiz and know for certain just where you rate as a web designer.

Incorporating Color Theory in Your Website Design

So you’re trying to create a website that is eye-catching, but you’re really getting something that is more of an eye sore? Don’t fret, it just sounds like you need a quick lesson in color theory, which is where we come in. Check out these helpful tips that will make for a stunning website.

Standard Web Banner Sizes: When to Use Each

Apart from deciding on a visual, you will have to choose the standard web banner size that best corresponds to your needs. This decision could be difficult to make. Is the largest banner the most effective one or does it all depend on the type of the campaign?

Online Tools & Services for Creating a Questionnaire

Creating a questionnaire can be a helpful endeavor in terms of getting an understanding on what people think about certain topics or even products. Questionnaires can now be given online, as well as in person in order to gauge what the population is thinking.

Here, we’ll look at creating one.

10 Extraordinary Free About Us Page Templates

When searching for free about us page templates, try using techniques that many professionals use in these excellent examples. From timelines to integrated media, creating this page can be a fun and creative venture to establish trust with your readers.