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  • Codes for Making IM Smileys on Facebook

    Funny how frustrating it can be when you do not know the codes for making IM smileys on Facebook and have to stick to traditional boring text without emotions. well not anymore, this guide will change all that. Keep reading to get the codes.
    By S. R. Obbayi March 10, 2011 

  • Direct Customers to Your Facebook Page With a "Find Us" Button

    Take advantage of synergy between your Facebook page and website by adding a Find us on Facebook icon!
    By Christian Cawley March 5, 2011 

  • 5 Great Options for Uploading Twitter Pictures

    Ever wonder if there's a section on Twitter dedicated to pictures? Unlike Facebook or MySpace, there are no Twitter pictures, photo albums, or wall that you can upload directly to. Still, don't let that stop you from tweeting all your favorite...
    By Amber Neely February 17, 2011 

  • Top Five Short URL Providers for Twitter & Facebook

    Creating short URLs has a wealth of benefits, such as preventing strange link breaks, saving space on Twitter and Facebook, sending long links over IM and email, and much more. However, these services seem to come and go, so here's a top five list...
    By Amber Neely February 17, 2011 

  • Blocking Certain Users From Seeing Your Profile: Twitter Privacy Tips

    If you're an avid social network user, you've probably asked yourself how to block a certain user from seeing your profile. Twitter has settings that might be a little confusing at first, but this article explains these settings and the reasons...
    By Amber Neely February 16, 2011 

  • Unfriend Someone on Facebook Without the Drama

    Many people wonder how to unfriend someone on Facebook. This action is quite simple but it could have negative consequences. Deciding whether to unfriend a Facebook contact is the first step to be undertaken, since there are other alternatives.
    By Vilie Farah February 11, 2011 

  • Top 4 Twitter Clients for Mac OS X

    There are dozens of OS X clients for managing your Twitter account. I've sifted through the dozens of OS X Twitter desktop clients out there and whittled the list down to the 4 current best Mac Twitter clients. Choose one of these for now, and we'll...
    By Amy Carson December 24, 2010 

  • Top 10 Facebook Safety Tips

    Facebook has changed the way people connect and socialize online. With so much of your information available, it is important to keep yourselves safe from people who try to take advantage by using the items posted online. Read on to find out important...
    By vishalseafarer December 21, 2010 

  • Social Media: Tips to Increase Website Traffic

    Each blogger and website owner strives to achieve an increase in traffic. The task may seem complex but the truth is that a number of channels can be used to promote content. Social media are exceptionally effective in terms of achieving a traffic boost...
    By Vilie Farah December 12, 2010 

  • The Need to Develop a Social Media Usage Strategy

    Many people question the need to develop a social media usage strategy. The fact is that such strategies increase productivity and save time, even when it comes to personal social media usage solely.
    By Vilie Farah December 12, 2010 
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