Social Media and Web Development

This topic will discuss several aspects of social media, such as how to integrate it into your website and how to use it to build your website’s traffic base.

Spreading the Love: How to Make Hearts on Facebook

Tiny text hearts used to be the rage on MySpace years ago, but you used to have to enter a specific code to get them to appear. You may have noticed that the code does not work on Facebook, but you have seen the hearts around. This article will teach you how to make hearts on Facebook in no time!

A Walkthrough of Making a Facebook Group

So your friends finally talked you into joining Facebook and you even have a hot idea for a group to bring everyone all together, by sharing interests and everything. But how do you get started? This article explores how to make a group on Facebook.

Why Facebook is Bad: 10 Reasons to Avoid Facebook

Who is not on Facebook these days? Connecting with friends, family and co-workers online can be both a blessing and a curse. Get to know the dark side of Facebook before you spread more of your personal information online and let people take advantage of you.

Understanding Privacy for Facebook and MySpace

Over the years since social networking made the Internet scene, there still rages a debate about which one is better, especially in the case of teenagers – those that use the media more than ever now. Is Facebook safer than MySpace in terms of keeping kids and teens safe online?

How to Block Facebook Ads on Several Browsers

For anyone who has a Facebook page, you may find it already cluttered without the addition of the ads that are constantly changing or appearing on your profile page. For those Facebook users using browsers other than Internet Explorer, there are a few solutions to block Facebook ads.

Facebook Risks: Security Issues and More

Facebook has quickly expanded to well over three million users worldwide from its quaint beginning as a college-based social networking site. Sure, it’s great, but there are Facebook risks, after all. And not all of them are security based, as you’ll quickly find out in this article.

Some Rules about Facebook Etiquette

Etiquette has always been an important facet of our society and life and it is becoming more so in the days of the technological revolution. Read on to learn about Facebook Etiquette, why its important and why you should be using it.