This topic will cover everything having to do with PHP, SQL, and MySQL, to help you in all of you web development quests. You’ll be able to find virtually anything you need and should come back often to see what we have added.

PHP Validation Script: The Basics

The PHP Validation Script is a complete set of rules by which you can add server-side validation to the forms easily and quickly. Read the full article to know the implementation of the Code validators and there’s also a demo form for your better understanding.

Using PHP cURL to read RSS feed XML

Feeds are getting very popular nowadays and we search for ways to easily access and parse those feeds using PHP. Read the full article to get a step by step code to read RSS feed XML using PHP cURL.

All that You Need to Know to Get Started on PHP

Ever wondered how to create dynamic web pages, or pages that respond to user queries? Whether you’ve just learned HTML or are an old hand who just never got around to PHP, this guide will help you understand what PHP is capable of, and then send you off to some great tutorials.

MySQL Backup – Create a MySQL Database Backup

Are you sure your website would be back up and running in a few hours after a catastrophe happens? If you use a MySQL database to store user information and other website information, you need to have backups of your database in case of a failure. This article will review some of backup methods.

Using PHP for Easy Menu Updates

Do you want to be able to change your website menu in one place and have it update throughout your website? Try using PHP. In this simple tutorial you can learn how to use PHP to make updating your menu, header or footer as simple and easy as possible.