This topic will cover everything having to do with PHP, SQL, and MySQL, to help you in all of you web development quests. You’ll be able to find virtually anything you need and should come back often to see what we have added.

How To Use SQL Count Functions

Functions such as the SQL count and others enable you to perform feats that would ordinarily be too complex to easily get done. These feats could be determining the sum of a column or converting all the characters of a string to uppercase. Keep reading to find out what the SQL count function does.

How to Use the SQL Dateadd function

What is so special about the SQL dateadd function? For those of you who know how daunting it is to add up dates and time, this function would be a life saver for you. This tutorial explains how the sql dateadd function is used while providing examples for better understanding.

Using Cookies in PHP

In this tutorial, I will explain how you can create, retrieve and delete cookies using PHP. Cookies can be used to store user information like preferences and login information.

Using Math Functions in PHP

PHP includes a lot of built in math functions which you can use in your program. In this tutorial, I will list the most commonly used ones along with their syntax, examples, and descriptions.

Tips on How to Write SQL Scripts

Learn how to write SQL scripts, or Structured Query Language, a programming language used in databases. It retrieves data from a variety of tables, which are the principal holders of information. A series of tables in one group forms a database, and SQL is the scripting language.

How to Hide Text in PHP File

Hiding text in a PHP file is a programming technique known as commenting. Commenting your work makes it easier for others to understand. Read on to learn more about how to hide text in PHP file, including the two ways to comment and three methods of punctuation used to delineate hidden text.

How to Create a SQL Database

Before using SQL Server, you must learn how to create a SQL database. SQL databases are the starting point for creating tables, queries, and much more using Microsoft SQL Server. Learn how to create a SQL database the easy way with our quick guide.

Finding SQL Table Names

Tables are an important part of any database structure. When programming, it can sometimes be important to retrieve a list of table names in SQL, especially if the database schema is not visually available for review. This article teaches you how to find SQL table names.