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Test Your SQL Skills With This Quick Quiz

Think you are up to the task of managing data in a relational database?Then test your SQL skills with this quick quiz and see whether you need to quit your day job or ask for a raise instead.

A Comprehensive Look at the SQL IN Statement

Coming across a SQL IN statement should not be anything strange to the SQL developer. Not even the newbies. This is an operator that should be used more often that it usually is. Let us see what makes this operator deserve more recognition than it receives.

SQL RTRIM Function: Usage & Examples

The SQL RTRIM function is a little function with a small name that doesn’t seem to have much going for it. That is not exactly the case. As you read on you will begin to understand the roles RTRIM plays in SQL.

Examples of SQL Subquery Based Statements

There are times when using a simple SQL statement will not give you the results you want. It’s even possible that you may have to use more than one query. Find out how you can ease your data extraction using the SQL subquery statement.

PostgreSQL vs MSSQL Server: A Comparison

For as long as software has existed there have been battles over which application is better than which. Without explicitly taking any sides, here is a more subtle look at PostgreSQL vs MSSQL Server and what they have to offer in comparison to one another.

Top Seven Best SQL Books

Buy an SQL book and you’ll be a master? Of course not. But this is a good place to start. Don’t settle for, “I think this is a good book.” Use the following resource and find out for yourself. Learn SQL today.

Free ASP Shopping Carts

E-commerce customers love an easy, glitch-free shopping experience. Shopping carts help online businesses streamline the process. This article introduces you to three free ASP shopping carts to try out.

What is a Stored Procedure? Stored Procedures For Beginners

Stored procedures are used to increase the efficiency of an application that uses the same set of queries time and again. They are easy to use and simple to apply, and you need not be overwhelmed when someone mentions their name. Start learning how to use stored procedures with this easy example.

How to Use the SQL WITH Clause

How to Use the SQL WITH Clause

The SQL WITH clause may not be familiar to most database administrators. This is because the WITH clause is most likely to be found by those using Oracle 9i release 2. So what exactly does this clause do? This tutorial explains it all.

How To Perfrom An SQL Transpose on Tables

Have you ever looked at the schematics and contents of a table and notice how disorganized it all is? You then wonder, “What were they thinking?” In that case, its best to perform an SQL transpose on the table to get it all organized. This guide will show how.