Intermediate Tutorials

Find tutorials that will help you build on what you already know here. You won’t have to waste your time digging through things that you already know, and you won’t have to worry about it being too advanced for you!

How to Add Password Security to Web Pages: Two Easy Methods

It is not always safe to put personal documents or images on your website because anyone can access and misuse them quite easily. The good news is that several services show how to add password protection to web pages so that only those who know your password will be able to access your web pages.

Basic Principles of Structured Programming

The principles of structured programming include a technique that takes a top-down design approach with block-oriented structures. A programmer will break a program’s source code into logically structured chunks. The main features, dating back to 1966, include sequencing, selection, and iteration.

What Are Disadvantages of Structured Programming?

Structured programming is a programming technique in which the programmer divides the source code into logical chunks of code. Typically it follows a top-down design approach with block-oriented structures. But the disadvantages of structured programming come from the way programs are written.

Define Object Oriented Programming: A Layman’s Guide

Defining object oriented programming involves use of a programming language that does not tell you how to program but rather speaks to the process of program design. C++ and C# are languages that implement OOP. You will find the emphasis is on how to think about the software rather than the coding.

How to Add Skype Button to a Website

If you own a small business or maybe just like talking to new people, you may have wondered how to put a Skype button on your website. Thankfully, Skype has made this incredibly easy for anyone to do, and all you really need is a few minutes of time!

What’s ASP? What Does ASP Stand For?

Active Server Pages, or ASP, are commonly used as a middleman between the user and web server. Here, you will learn the answers to common questions such as ‘what does ASP stand for?’ and ‘What is ASP’?

What You Need to Know About CGI Scripts for Forms

If you are a web designer, and you frequently design web forms, you’ll know that HTML alone is not enough to make your forms functional. You need other applications that will process your form submissions and in this article we examine CGI scripts for forms.

How to Use Label Web Controls in ASP.NET

There are two types of Web controls in ASP.NET used for displaying preset text on Web sites—Literal and Label. Using the latter with ASP.Net opens up additional possibilities for display. Working through this ASP.NET tutorial will show you the difference.

How to Make Your Website 508 Compliant

While searching for website related jobs, you may run across requirements such as “508 standards” or “section 508 compliance”. If you would like to learn enough to apply for these positions, or if you merely want to use these standards on your own site, then this tutorial is for you.

SQL Injection Attacks

When programming a script that accesses a database, it’s important to keep security in mind. SQL injection attacks are one of the most common attacks on SQL databases such as MSSQL and MySQL.

Tutorial: Getting Started with JSP

Forget about PHP or ASP and join the big boys. JSP is probably the most powerful web development environment around today and I’m going to show you how to make your first steps in JSP development.