Web Design and Development Careers Information for Freelancers and Professionals

Want to learn about how you should bill a client for your services, how you can track your productivity, or the best ways to plan and manage your projects? This topic is full of information geared specifically toward freelance and pro web designers and web developers to help get ahead in a number of different web development careers.

Programming Languages for Web Designers

In addition to creating new sites for many different clients, Web designers may inherit older sites that have been built using a variety of different programming tools. Here are seven programming languages and a protocol that any working web designer will need to know to get ahead.

Finding Work with Project Bidding Sites

For more than a decade, projecting bidding sites have handed out millions of dollars in jobs each year to people around the world. Finding web development or design work with these project bidding sites can be difficult, but there are ways to increase your chances.

How Much Is Your Website Worth?

Find out the value of your website with this great web-based tool by dnScoop. It may be 100% accurate, but it’s 100% fun, and you get a nice widget to prominently display on your site.