Web Design and Development Careers Information for Freelancers and Professionals

Want to learn about how you should bill a client for your services, how you can track your productivity, or the best ways to plan and manage your projects? This topic is full of information geared specifically toward freelance and pro web designers and web developers to help get ahead in a number of different web development careers.

Avoiding Injuries as a Developer

Web developers are notorious self-abusers, but not in a fun way. We tend to squint at the screen for long hours, forget to eat, and get very little exercise above the wrist. We slump in ergonomic chairs and place our monitors at angles that make us crane to see them when we slump.

Why Should I Use Web Standards?

If you’re new to web developing and don’t understand why you really need to learn and use web standards, here are some compelling reasons to do so. If you’re already using web standards, these are good justification arguments, in case it ever comes up.

Smart Strategies for Building Your Web Design Business

Building a sustainable freelance web design business can seem like an impossible task. Many web developers are shocked to find technical skill just isn’t enough. To compete and earn business in a competitive market, you have to find smart strategies for building your web design business.

20 Ways to Put Your Web Development Business on the Map

Before you can make money in business, you have to get attention. How will you put your web development business on the map? Without a detailed marketing plan, it’s just not going to happen. Here are 20 powerful ways to cut through the clutter and successfully market your web development business.

Learn About Joomla Developer as a Career Choice

Joomla is supposed to be a tool designed for anyone to use, but is it really? Content updates can be managed by almost anyone, but most businesses require ongoing programmer support for feature customization, making Joomla programming a new and exciting niche for enterprising web developers.

Interactive Web Design Career

Interactive web design is about creating the next generation of information collection or the next viral web obsession. It has to be fresh, creative, relevant, and above all, innovative.

Cost Estimates for Web Development Projects

The first question web development clients often ask is “how much will my web design cost?” That can be a hard question to answer since web development projects can be very involved. This article offers tips on how to provide accurate web design estimate.

Web Development Blogging Jobs as a Corporate Blogger

This article provides a description and overview of the website development job requirements of a corporate blogger. The increasing marketing value for corporate blogs manned by writers with programming experience makes this web development job an important niche to consider for a website designer.