Learn about Adobe Flash and Director

All levels of Flash and Director tutorials, information on the programs, and even reviews can be found in this topic so that you will be able to enhance your web development.

How to Add a Flash Element to a Web Page

Learning how to add a Flash element to a web page does not need to be a challenge as this article proves. Follow the instructions provided in this guide as it holds everything you need to know to publish your Flash elements.

How to Clear a XML Variable in ActionScript

Before you begin to know how to clear a XML variable in ActionScript it is good to understand that XML content can be wide and varied and this can be intimidating to the new users of ActionScript. This cannot be further from the truth. This article explains it all.

How to Create a Portfolio Website in Flash CS4

Learn how to create a portfolio website in Flash CS4. Find out about the functionality of the program and learn the basics of importing and editing your photos. This versatile software allows you to add animations in 3D, rotate movie clips and even synchronize sounds to images.

How to Create a Contact Page in Flash

Have you ever seen stunning web forms that brought you to thinking of how to create a contact page in Flash? Well you do not have to wonder anymore as this tutorial will guide you into creating your own Flash contact page.

How to Link Email to a Flash Button in Flash CS4

Adding a link to a Flash Button isn’t difficult, though the scripting required to do it has changed a bit in more recent versions of Adobe Flash. Even if you don’t have an email button graphic ready to use it should still take only a few minutes to create the button from scratch and code the link.

How to Insert a Link in Flash CS4

Adobe Flash CS4 introduces a number of changes to the program to make it more powerful. The program uses ActionScript 3.0 for scripting, making some older ActionScript commands obsolete. Inserting a link into a Flash CS4 movie is different than in some older versions, but still is not difficult.

How to Animate Bitmap Images Using Flash CS4 Tools

If you have ever tried to animate bitmaps using Flash CS4 tools, you have experienced the simplistic of animation techniques. Whether you would like to learn how to transition between a rainy background and a sunny day or simply make a child hop, you can make it happen with Flash.

How to Make a Table to Center a Flash Website

Websites created using interactive, multimedia formatting typically use Flash technology. Flash technology requires good appearance to meet professional layout standards. This means placing the interactive portions at dead-center in the browser window. This tutorial will show you how it’s done.