CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

CSS, otherwise known as Cascading Style Sheets, are a relatively new technology used in web design and web development today. They are a great way to save yourself some time, but if you have never used them before, they certainly can be a bit intimidating. Here, you will be able to find all the information you need in order to start using CSS in your web development projects.

CSS in Dreamweaver Tutorial: Configuring Link CSS Styles

Part 4 of this Macromedia Dreamweaver CSS tutorial series provides an overview of how to configure specific link styles for Dreamweaver HTML pages using the CSS palette. You will also discover how to use CSS in Dreamweaver to make links look different in various parts of the same HTML document.

What is CSS Float Theory?

As a web site designer you may or may not have ever heard of this CSS technique that can add a little style to your web site. So what is CSS Float theory and how does it apply to you or your website?

Why Should You Use CSS?

CSS has been a major player in web development since its introduction in 1993, yet many new web developers continue to code their websites using HTML and tables to display information on their web pages. CSS offers an easier way to develop your websites, and it is relatively easy to learn as well.