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  • Simplify Gathering User Input with the ASP.NET DropDown List Control

    Users often prefer selecting choices on Web forms to typing information. For example, why require a user to type Yes or No, when a simple checkbox will accomplish the same thing? ASP.NET has an easy dropdown list control, which gathers information...
    By cra8051 July 29, 2010 

  • Use the ASP.NET RadioButton Web Control to Specify User Input on a Web Form

    Web form input uses RadioButtons to restrict user choice to one of two or more options. By using the ASP.NET Radiobutton to add this control to Web forms, you can speed up programming and development time, while adding dynamic features to the design.
    By cra8051 July 29, 2010 

  • Collect Multiple Choices on Web Forms with ASP.NET CheckBox Controls

    Often a Web designer needs to let a user choose from multiple options on a Web form. The ASP.NET Checkbox web control is tailor made for this and generates needed code automatically. Each control displays a single box, which can be checked or unchecked...
    By cra8051 July 29, 2010 

  • Liven Up Dull Web Pages with Spry Page Effects

    Dreamweaver CS4 combines Spry features with automatically generated Javascript to let identifiable parts of a Web page change appearances, such as Grow/Shrink, Appear/Fade, Shake, Slide and Squish. These Spry page effects are similar to some used...
    By cra8051 July 29, 2010 

  • Improve Site Navigation with Spry Tabbed Panels

    Dreamweaver Spry Tabbed Panels improve Web page navigability by creating series of screens that appear to be distinct Web pages. Each panel can hold as much content as you wish, including both text and images.
    By cra8051 July 29, 2010 

  • Prevent Users from Inserting Malicious HTML Tags in Your Comment Forms

    Comment forms to gather feedback from users are essential on many Web pages. However, they open the door to hackers inserting malicious code, either through form script code or in other HTML tags that might cause problems. There is no perfect preventative...
    By cra8051 July 28, 2010 

  • Getting Started with AJAX in ASP.NET 3.5 Part 2: Using the Update Progress Control

    Besides speeding up server requests and responses on Web pages, the AJAX framework in ASP.NET 3.5 adds a useful control to keep the user advised of progress when downloading large files or running intensive database operations. This control is the Update...
    By cra8051 July 28, 2010 

  • Using Dreamweaver Site Map View to Change or Update Website Links

    Web design software like Dreamweaver can make creating Web pages relatively simple. Because of this, it is easy to fall into the habit of rapidly creating pages without a lot of thought about updating them, particularly when website links change. Dreamweaver’s...
    By cra8051 July 26, 2010 

  • Use Fieldsets to Improve User Accessibility on Your Web Pages

    Pages that include web forms with multiple input boxes can become confusing for users. Fieldsets draw lines around related sections to organize the content and make completing the form easier for visitors. They do not change how the form collects and...
    By cra8051 July 11, 2010 

  • Bricolage CMS

    The complexity of dealing with large amounts of data may be easier to deal by using a contact management system. You may want to consider the Bricolage CMS system if you are looking for a way to build and organize multiple websites. This is a brief look...
    By Sheila Robinson June 16, 2010 
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