Learn CMS, Open Source Software, and More

Here is an assortment of tutorials that covers coding elements that are not covered in other topics on their own.

Creating Dynamic Web Sites with Ruby on Rails

Anyone with a burgeoning interest in Web development is well familiar with the barrage of solutions that promise to ease their task. Ruby on Rails actually lives up to such claims. After a brief overview of this framework for Web development, readers are actively encouraged to build applications.

Java and Irrlicht tutorial series – Effects

Learn how to create fully fledged 3D applications that integrate seamlessly with a web browser using Java, WebStart and Irrlich with this comprehensive tutorial series. This tutorial shows you how to easily add some material effects to Irrlicht models.

Program Language – Top 4 Coding Languages

You type in a web address, hit the enter key and are instantly taken to the website of your choice. Behind the scenes of that website are letters and numbers creating the design you see on the Internet. These letters and numbers are called codes and they are the program language of web developers.

How to Use SQL Script In an ASP.NET Web Page

Many businesses can only survive because they can use SQL scripts within their websites. eBay and Amazon.com are two examples of websites which execute and run millions of lines of SQL scripts and queries behind the scene every minute to fulfill their online shopper’s needs.

How to Use Microsoft Virtual Earth Map API on Your Website

Solve real business problems or just have fun creating innovative mash-ups with Microsof Virtual Earth. You can develop immersive experiences based on high-resolution map detail, precision aerial imagery, bird’s eye views, and comprehensive 3D city models that bring location-based info to your site.

How to Use Lytebox in ASP.NET

Lyte box (lightbox) is similar to a popUp window but much, much better. It opens in center of user’s screen and dims the entire page in the back with your chosen color. This allows you to open a new window but keep your current page in the background.