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Here is an assortment of tutorials that covers coding elements that are not covered in other topics on their own.

How to Use ASP.NET’s DropDown List Control

Users often prefer selecting choices on Web forms to typing information. For example, why require a user to type Yes or No, when a simple checkbox will accomplish the same thing? ASP.NET has an easy dropdown list control, which gathers information this way.

FTP 101 – the Basics of File Transfer

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a method for clients to transfer files to and from other computers or servers over a TCP/IP network. Knowing how to use it gives you more flexibility and control over the files on your website.

All About XOOPS Payment Modules

If you are a Xoops user and want to sell products in your online shop, you need an E-Commerce package. Xoops has several payment module options but it can be a hair-tearing experience to try to use them. Here are some ideas to keep you sane when choosing a Xoops payment module.

Prevent XSS Vulnerabilities with XSS Protection

XSS vulnerabilities are a potential nightmare. Your website or users can be compromised if you contain a website that has holes in it, and XSS is one of the most common vulnerabilities on the web. Learn how to prevent such vulnerabilities and make your website safe for your users.

Overview of the LAMP Web Platform

Confused about the term LAMP you’ve seen in the web development forums? Read this article for an overview of the LAMP web programming platform and find out its key web software components.

Drupal Modules Not Loading? How to Fix this Problem

Drupal CMS offers some great modules for enhanced functionality. Unfortunately, many users experience problems with Drupal modules not loading. There are a few ways to fix module loading problems. Try some of the steps outlined here to get the most out of Drupal modules.