Blogging and CMS Tips, Tricks, and News

There are a variety of different blogging platforms and content management systems (CMS) available for both personal and business web sites. Whether you are trying to decide which option to choose, or you have an established site and you want to know how to improve it, Bright Hub offers tips and strategies on a multitude of subjects.

The History of Blogging

The history of blogging started approximately 17 years ago, when the first personal online journals were created. What were the stages of blog development? When did blogs become available for mass usage and how have they shaped the online landscape today?

Fantastic Non-Blog WordPress Themes Reviewed

Here’s the deal: you need a website for your business or photography studio. You have read that WordPress has a friendly user interface, but then you heard somewhere that it is only a blog platform and cannot be used for “regular” websites. Would you like to find out the real truth?