Blogging and CMS Tips, Tricks, and News

There are a variety of different blogging platforms and content management systems (CMS) available for both personal and business web sites. Whether you are trying to decide which option to choose, or you have an established site and you want to know how to improve it, Bright Hub offers tips and strategies on a multitude of subjects.

How to Install WordPress on a Domain

WordPress is considered the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. While it is possible to use the hosted version, many bloggers choose to install WordPress on their own domain. By following these simple steps, you can install WordPress quickly and easily.

A Blog with Bigger Pictures

In this two-part tutorial I’m going to show my readers how to create a story or photo blog with nice, big pictures. This tutorial is intended for the experienced blogger who isn’t afraid to experiment a little.

Part one discusses how to set up your new blog.

Blogging for Fiction Writers

A step-by-step guide for fiction writers who wish to publish their illustrated stories to their own blogs on Blogger, but don’t have a clue as to how to do this.

This guide is written for beginners, and shows them in plain language and with clear pictures what to do and in which order.

What is a Blog? We have the Answer!

Blog this, blog that… it seems to be something we hear all the time! So, what is a blog? What’s the big deal about them? Read on to find out more about blogging, and why it has taken the internet by storm.