Blogging and CMS Tips, Tricks, and News

There are a variety of different blogging platforms and content management systems (CMS) available for both personal and business web sites. Whether you are trying to decide which option to choose, or you have an established site and you want to know how to improve it, Bright Hub offers tips and strategies on a multitude of subjects.

Blocking Ads is Bad For the Internet

I hate to paraphrase the music industry’s old ad campaign, but you wouldn’t leave any store without paying for merchandise, would you? So, by that same token, why would you block ads? After all, those ads create the revenue that keeps the content you read, for the most part, free of charge.

How to Get More Comments for My Blog

No blog can be successful without the input of its readers, the community that visits daily to leave their thoughts and comments. If you’re overlooking this aspect of blogging, these tips on how to generate discussion on your blog should help you out.

10 Free Clock Widgets for Your Website or Blog

When looking for a clock to add to your blog, should you look for digital, analog, clocks with calendars, ease of installation, ability to be customized, or something else? This list of free widgets covers all the bases to help you determine what you need.

Blogging for Business Tips and Ideas

Today, blogging is much more than a fun activity that individuals who love writing enjoy. Blogging for business can be an exceptionally effective form of promotion. It does require commitment and consistency but the results make the effort 100 percent worth it.

How to Save the Contents of a Blog

If you’re a blogger, you know that your blog and its contents may not last on the Internet forever; what if your host goes down or there’s a server crash? You can kiss your blog goodbye.

If you know how to save the contents of a blog, you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your posts.

Adding Amazon Listings Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Monetizing your blog a is a great way to generate revenue on your website, but standard Amazon links aren’t really up to the job. Choosing the right Amazon plugin for WordPress can earn you much more than one that displays adverts or contextual links, and as you can see here it is very easy to do.

How to Back Up a WordPress Blog

Web servers crash, and they can get hacked, with devastating results for websites. Given the amount of work you have put into your self-hosted WordPress blog, it is a good idea to make regular backups. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and there are various ways in which you can do it.