• FTP: Less Overhead Than Web File Transfers

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows users to upload and download files from a server that stores the files. FTP works in a similar way to web file transfers, except it has less overhead than the methods used by HTTP. Here we will look at how does...
    By George Garza May 23, 2011 

  • Doctype and Browser Compatibility

    Knowing all about DOCTYPE browser compatibility is what makes the key difference between well laid out websites and those are all over the place. The information in this article is a must know for every web designer. Read on to find out DOCTYPE standards...
    By S. R. Obbayi May 23, 2011 

  • How to Speed Up Your Website's Search Engine Indexing

    Search engine indexing of a website is a process that can be made faster through certain practices. The frequent uploads of quality content are probably the most important step towards achieving the goal.
    By Vilie Farah May 22, 2011 

  • Enhance Your Food Blog with These Top 10 Recipe Widgets!

    Many professional food websites provide widgets that you can include on your blog or homepage to display interesting new recipes. If you have a food blog, you may want to add one of these great recipe widgets.
    By Christian Cawley May 19, 2011 

  • How to Make a Website Table of Contents

    A table of contents for a website is quite relevant today, especially when publishing HTML copies of books, tutorials, papers, instruction manual, and many more. Here is a walk-through on how to make such a structure.
    By S. R. Obbayi May 19, 2011 

  • Adding a Site Search to a Web Page

    Adding search functionality to your website is certainly advantageous as visitors to the site can quickly access the specific information they need. There are a couple of ways to do this and you can opt for the one that suits you best. Find out here how...
    By Ksingh May 18, 2011 

  • Top Ten PHP Editors : Free and Paid

    Confused on which editor to choose before you get started on developing an app in PHP? Here is a list of PHP editors, free and paid versions that will help you choose the right one that fulfills your requirement of a fully functional PHP editor.
    By vishalseafarer May 18, 2011 

  • Design Your Own Webquest: Tips & Sample Files

    WebQuests are for teachers who want to learn how to turn a course topic into a classroom activity. WebQuests are based on creating higher-level thinking tasks. Example files and a template are included.
    By Joy Campbell May 17, 2011 

  • How Can I Get a Static IP?

    If you want a static IP address, you're looking at spending over $100 per year for the privilege. However there is an alternative, and it's free!
    By Christian Cawley May 17, 2011 

  • How to Create a Rubric

    Creating a rubric with tables is another web tool for teachers to add to their toolbox. Rubrics are used for assessments and designing rubrics is based on how a teacher will evaluate their students. This is beneficial for the teacher, student and parents...
    By Joy Campbell May 17, 2011 
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