Tutorials for Beginners

If you’re just a beginner to web development, the articles, tutorials, and how-to’s cover all the basics and the fudamentals of web design and development, along with basic coding so that someone who knows very little about web design will be able to get started easily. We start at the beginning tutorials and information on subjects like choosing a domain name, a glossary of web development terms if you’re unfamiliar, how to use tools to build web sites without knowing how to code, and descriptions of common programs and applications used to develop web pages.

Essential Web Design Tutorials

As a beginner, you may already know the basics of setting up a website and getting it online, but your websites probably still look amateurish. The more you learn, the more your websites will improve, and these tutorials will help you do just that.

How Do I Make Columns on a Web Page?

How do i make columns on a web page? is a question you might find yourself asking when websites or services like Yahoo Mail or Gmail come up with a new layout that dazzles you. The good news is that you too can learn the same techniques. Here is how.

Making a Rubric: Great Web Tool for Teachers

Creating a rubric with tables is another web tool for teachers to add to their toolbox. Rubrics are used for assessments and designing rubrics is based on how a teacher will evaluate their students. This is beneficial for the teacher, student and parents.

Learn How to Find Your IP Address

Knowing how to find your IP address is an important part of troubleshooting Internet problems. Many times, especially when speaking with technical support operators, getting the IP address or knowing how to access allows for better knowledge on what could be affecting your access.

Top 5 Great Patriotic Web Backgrounds

Finding patriotic web backgrounds for your website can be a tedious process. However, looking for patriotic backgrounds is sometimes a little harder. Until now. These five patriotic website backgrounds will bring the sound of fireworks and the look of celebration right to your web page. Take a look!

The Most Common FTP Commands List

There are plenty of FTP GUI applications you can use to copy files across networks. In the absence of these you may need to use a FTP command line tool therefore making it necessary to have a FTP commands list handy. This guide is one such list.