Tweet Deck Review: Learn How You Can Use Tweet Deck to Manage Your Twitter Account More Efficiently

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Twitter and Tweet Deck

Twitter is one of the newest social media phenomenons. It could quickly overtake MySpace, Facebook, and most of the other social networking sites out there. While most Internet users have discovered the benefits and advantages of tweeting, there is still one main complaint of many Twitter users. The biggest complaint from those using Twitter is that it is a time waster. First it is addicting, but there is not an application that I know of that can do anything about that. The real problem is that it isn’t easy to keep up with so many people and reply and retweet right there on the Twitter site. As people have discovered this to be the case, applications have been created to help make it easier and more efficient to navigate and use Twitter.

Tweet Deck is an example of one of these useful Twitter tools that have popped up on the horizon, thankfully. Tweet Deck is a free software program that can be quickly downloaded and put to use immediately. Once you have the program downloaded and installed, you will have to fill in your Twitter user name and password so that the program can log in to your Twitter account. Every time you open Tweet Deck, it will automatically load your information from Twitter into your Tweet Deck. Once you are logged in and it is loaded, you can update your status, read other tweets and reply or retweet right there within Tweet Deck.

The Good & The Bad

A few of the many advantages of Tweet Deck are:

  • Tweet Deck is extremely easy to customize for you personally. You can move and change the columns, easily search for your interests and you can set up groups to help you stay organized and not miss tweets that would be of interest to you.

  • The photo, or gravatar, of the Tweeter is divided into four buttons. One to send a reply, one to retweet something, one to send a direct message and one that has multiple uses.

  • You can minimize Tweet Deck while you concentrate on other work and easily pull it up quickly to check it when you want to. There is even a nifty little noise that sounds when new tweets come in although some may want to turn it off as it can become annoying.

The only true disadvantage that I have found is that the Beta version and it will freeze up every now and then but just needs to be restarted and you are off and tweeting again.