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How to Create Your Own Facebook Layout

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/31/2010

So you want to add a little personal flair and style to create own Facebook layout, do you? Well, we’ve got some ideas and resources to help you do just that. You’ve got a little latitude to make it a little more interesting than the standard fare, it you’re so inclined.

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    What You’re Looking For

    Looking to make your Facebook page look different from every other one? Alright, so let’s see if we can’t convert that garbled textual query into some ideas for a fluid and eye-popping (I mean eye-catching, I’m still stuck on Frankenstein visual) layout for your profile on Facebook. By the way, are you wondering if it’s possible to become more entrenched and addicted to this social media networking virtual opiate? Perhaps taking a gander at the Top Five FaceBook Games could lead you down that slippery slope and eat up more of the time that you’re in your office allegedly working.

    There’s not much to say, instruction wise, for creating your personal profile page on FaceBook within the parameters they provide. You simply answer the questions (if you choose to) on the “Info” page regarding hometown, relationship status, education and work, likes and interests, and any of the other categories you’re interested in editing. Then it’s just a matter of uploading your personal photos using their built-in photo editing application. The same goes for video and notes, it’s all rather intuitive and easy, as many of you know judging from the fact that our grandparents (a somewhat computer-illiterate generation) have managed quite nicely. So now it’s just a matter of hoping your own cohorts and long lost friends keep their language clean and don’t post any stories about you and your “wild days” (which are presumably also long gone, at least for the sake of appearance).

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    Customizing Your FB Layout

    FB layout from PageRage FaceBook Expressions First off, if you’re only interested in changing your layout so just you can see it, rather than all your connections, we’ve already got a tutorial on our site that will instruct you. It’s designed only for use with FireFox, and you can read all about it in how to change the background of your Facebook Page.

    But tweaking your profile for all to see isn’t that difficult either. You can go to other sites on the Web and download the different styles of wallpaper they have available to use for your homepage background. One such site is at Once at that site, simply peruse their available expressions for the one you like and click on their "Add" button. Then log onto your FB account and install the application, which will appear under your profile picture on the left.

    There are more options like that and a quick Google search will lead you to more free selections depending upon your tastes and preferences., for example, offers backgrounds as diverse as “Bob Marley” and “Under the Sea” wonderland for you to see every time you check in to see what your friends and frienemys are up to. So you have plenty of options in creating your own FB layout. Finally, if you’re interested in taking advantage of FB for a business tool in networking, check out this helpful article entitled Creating a Small Business Facebook Page.