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Making Hearts on Facebook: A Few Quick Tips

written by: Amber Neely•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/21/2012

Tiny text hearts used to be the rage on MySpace years ago, but you used to have to enter a specific code to get them to appear. You may have noticed that the code does not work on Facebook, but you have seen the hearts around. This article will teach you how to make hearts on Facebook in no time!

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    Facebook Heart Everyone loves those cute little hearts that used to be really popular on Myspace. You know the ones, right? Tiny black (or pink, or green, or whatever text color you so happened to be using) hearts that fit right into your text. However, you may have noticed that they don't seem to work so well on Facebook when you try to make them. But you've seen them being made! If you're still confused about how to make hearts on Facebook, don't worry. I've got you covered on this one. This article will show you how to go back to spreading the love in no time flat.

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    I "Heart" You

    Those of you familiar with websites that allow you to edit HTML code, or social networking, you're probably familiar with the old way of creating text hearts. You used to be able to use the simple code "&hearts" to create a tiny ASCII heart that was great to pepper in among your likes or your friends' names. And because it was an accepted bit of HTML code, it was easily effected by other HTML code, such as the bold, italic, underline, font color, and font size.

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    The Facebook Format

    If you're looking to create these simple text hearts on Facebook, &hearts doesn't work as Facebook does not allow you to edit the HTML code of what you post. But how do you work around this? Simple! Facebook took a page from Internet history and used the classic heart emoticon to trigger the heart. To insert a text heart on facebook, simply type "<3" without the quotes. This will create a small black text heart. The downside is that because this is not an HTML input, you cannot change the color of the text hearts. Still, it is a neat trick!

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    Hearts In Facebook Chat

    If you're like a lot of people, you probably partake in Facebook chat. <3 in Facebook chat will create a pink heart emoticon only available within the Facebook chat.

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    JavaScript ASCII Heart Generators

    JavaScript ASCII Heart Generator If you're looking an extremely clever way to create larger hearts, you can always use a JavaScript ASCII heart generator. While you won't be able to post these on your friends' walls, you will be able to post them in messages or in notes, as well as any other social networking site, email, or web page. They work by taking a bit of text of your choice, and repeating it in the shape of a heart. Keep in mind that this won't work with all fonts, so you should be prepared to play around with it a little bit.

    Here's a great ASCII Heart Generator from AbhiTech.

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