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How to Make a Group on Facebook

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 6/30/2011

So your friends finally talked you into joining Facebook and you even have a hot idea for a group to bring everyone all together, by sharing interests and everything. But how do you get started? This article explores how to make a group on Facebook.

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    What is a Facebook Group?

    Even if you've been on Facebook for a while or just a day, you've seen at least one of the groups that are on Facebook. What is a Facebook Facebook group? Groups on Facebook are created by Facebook members, for the purpose of bringing together people with the same or similar types of interests. The helps in learning more about your friends and perhaps bringing in new people that you never would have met before.

    Groups on Facebook are easy to set up, as long as you have a Facebook account and know the type of group you'd like. In this article, learn how to make a group on Facebook.

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    How to Make a Group on Facebook

    Making a group on Facebook is quite easy. First you will need to log in to your Facebook profile. If you don't have a Facebook page (and why not? Everyone is doing it), just head to the main website and sign up. You will need a valid email address and will need to verify that you are at least thirteen years of age or older.

    After you have signed in - or signed up - view the listings on the left hand side of your profile page. This is where you would normallyHow to Make a Facebook Group 1  see such information as which of your friends are currently online, any game requests that you have, as well your news feed, messages, etc. In this area, you should see an option to 'create a group'. Click on it.

    The standard Facebook application pop-up will immediately load. This is where you can choose a group name for your group, as well as whether you want it to be a public group (open policy), where anyone on Facebook can join, just a group for friends and family (closed policy), or a group where only select people can join (secret policy). The secret policy will not reveal the group in which people belong. Click on 'OK' to make the group or 'CANCEL' to get started later.

    If you already belong to a group (or a number of them), when you select the create a group option, you can see the listing of groups you are involved in. At the top right hand corner you can begin the process of creating a group. When creating a group, make sure it is unique and has a unique name. Once you create it, you will not be able to change the name. In deciding on a unique type group, try to pick something that you have not seen on Facebook, but you think a lot of your friends or the Facebook population would beHow to Make a Facebook Group 2 interested in.

    For instance, if you're a fan of big band swing jazz, but you haven't seen a group for that particular genre, that would be a good idea for a group. Or perhaps you want to reach all your friends from a particular year in high school; making a Brighton High School Class of 1997 could be a good group. You should always search the groups on Facebook to make sure that there isn't already the same type of group on the site.


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