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How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook

written by: vishalseafarer•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/24/2010

Do you have a business? Are you going to start a band? Do you have some work that needs publicity? Create a Facebook fan page and make your work famous. Get tons of followers sooner than you think and keep them updated on what you are doing. Now get going by creating a Facebook fan page.

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    Why Create a Fan Page on Facebook?

    Do you need a lot of people to know about you, your product or your work? Creating fan pages on Facebook is a great way. Because of the huge user base, it is easy to get your product or work noticed by a lot of people in a short time. So get started now and learn how to create a fan page on Facebook.

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    A Guide on How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook

    Creating a fan page on Facebook is just that easy.

    Step 1: Go to A little above the bottom of the page, right below the green sign-up button, you will see a link to create a page. Click on that link.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook - Create A Fan Page 

    Step 2: You will be taken to a page where you have the option of creating a community page or an official page. There's not much difference between the two though. Community pages are for a group of people who want to share their experiences or discuss similar topics. Official pages are maintained by people who have the authority to represent their brand or themselves. However the main aim still remains to get a huge fan following to promote their brand.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Step 3: If you are going to create a community page, enter a proper community name in the text box provided and click the "Create Community Page" button and go to step 7.

    If you are going to create an official page, choose from the options on the right hand side of the web page that will guide you on which category to create an official page in. Select from one of the items on the list.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook 

    Step 4: Now enter the name of the official page. Make sure the name is not too long and remains within a maximum of five words. It is recommended that you make the page name catchy so that people can remember your fan page at a later period of time.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Step 5: Read the terms and if you agree with them, check the check box provided and click on the "Create Official Page" button.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Step 6: A box will appear. Read it and click "Create Page" after you confirm the details that you read in the modal box that floats above the web page. If you have any further changes to make, click "Cancel."

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Step 7: If you click on the "Create Page" button, you will be redirected to another web page. If you already have a Facebook account, select the appropriate option. If you do not have a Facebook account, proceed with filling in the details. Read the terms and conditions and if you are satisfied, check the check box and click "Sign Up Now." You will be getting a confirmation e-mail to the email address using which you created the Facebook fan page.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Finally: Once you click the confirmation link in your email, you will be directed to a page where you will have your official page or community page created.

    How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook Now that you have a fan page on Facebook ready, it is time that you kick started your business by updating yourself and your activities often.