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Great Resources for Free SWiSH Templates

written by: •edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 3/13/2011

If you're looking for free SWiSH templates but you're not sure where to start, try reading this article! This will help you learn where to find free options and the instructions to download the files.

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    What is SWiSH?

    SWiSH is a program used to create flash animations. There several websites that offer free SWiSH downloads. I think it is important to check free options before buying an expensive one, because you never know, the free templates might be even better than the paid ones.

    Today I am listing 4 great resources for free SWiSH templates. I always find them very useful.

    Note: to download SWiSH or any SWiSH related program, visit

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    Rating Average is a website that offers "free and professional website and web designer templates." It's another great resource if you are looking for something nice at no price. Moreover, they also provide premium templates at good price.

    These templates can be customized using the programs: SWiSH, Swishmax, Flash MX, Flash Photo Gallery, CSS, Joomla, CMS, XHTML, Cre Loaded, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Silverlight and Wordpress.


    To download a free swish template, go to and hover your mouse over "Free web templates," then click on "Free SWiSH templates." Once you have made up your mind about which one to use, click on "Download." A pop up window will open and your download will start automatically.

    I think this is a great website because it offers so many different free templates free of charge, and the designs are beautiful.

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    Rating Average is a website that offer both, free and paid SWiSH templates. These templates can be easily customized using the programs: Swishmax, Swishmax 2 and Swishmax 3.


    To download a free SWiSH template, go to and click on "Free SWiSH Templates," Then once you know which template to download, click on "Download free SWiSH template #..." A pop up window will open asking you to subscribe to their newsletter in order to receive your free SWiSH template. Therefore, subscribe by entering your email address and then your details, after that, click on "Save profile changes." Now check your email inbox, it must there.

    I like this website a lot, however, they have just a few free templates. Still, the design of those free SWiSH templates are cool.

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    Free Templates

    Rating Average is a website that offers free web templates that are instant to download. This is another great resource for free templates. They also provide premium templates.


    To download a free template, go to and click on "Free templates," then, once you have decided which one to use, click on "Download," and the download will start.

    I really like this website because it has many free templates; however, It has only a few free SWiSH templates.

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    Rating Average

    According to's homepage "Here, you'll find both 100% free content as well as premium-quality for-purchase products, courtesy of Crystal Graphics, all designed to make professional-looking websites, PowerPoint presentations and other office documents." this website is great if you are looking for SWiSH templates for personal or educational purposes.

    You can modify these files with the SWiSH program.


    To download a free SWiSH template, go to and click on one of the files shown in that page and your download will start.

    I like this website because it is very simple to use; however I do not like the fact that you cannot preview the template's design and you cannot use any of the templates commercially.