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How to Use Social Media Websites to Market to Clients

written by: Summer Banks•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 6/30/2011

Social media is a vague term used to define a personal interaction with others. In business, this personal interaction is a new and exciting way to promote your business and your online presence to more people with less up front cost.

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    Social media is a vague term used to describe the personal online interaction between people. This term includes the use of social media websites, podcasts and blogging which provides a connecting voice between the user and the reader. This connection has gained great popularity in recent years and millions of people use social media to stay connected to people they already know and gain connections to people they have yet to virtually meet.

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    How Can a Business Use Social Media?

    Depending on the type of social media being discussed, the business can use the vast popularity of social media formats to increase the personal connection between the customer / potential customer and the business. In an Internet world, there are more than a few businesses willing to fill the needs of the consumer and these businesses use social media to brand their business in order to gain the much needed new sales and new clients. This social interaction is essential to the success of a business as the consumer has every ability to research their needs before deciding on a business to fulfill those needs.

    The business using social media in the form of videos, blogs and podcasts offers the consumer something for nothing. The information provided in these social settings is the hook that will catch the client and as such, needs to have a strong call to action embedded in real and educated information. The business needs to include a few important things into their social media marketing in order to offer more than their competition. These include:

    • Information about the business and the vision of the company.
    • The services provided and why these services are important to the consumer.
    • Reasons why this business is far better at providing these services than any of the competition.

    These business facts need to be included in information about the services and / or products provided. This means the business needs to offer something for nothing in hopes of catching that next big client or even that next list of smaller clients. There is no shortage of businesses offering great information to the consumer, the social media platform just allows the business to reach far more people than the traditional means of marketing.

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    The Best Social Media Platforms

    The best social media platforms for social marketing may not be the most popular. MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter are saturated with people, but they are also saturated with businesses using this platform as a means of boosting their business. Smaller social media sources are available perfecting aimed toward the service or product provided to the consumer. Forums and blogs are two of the best choices. A forum focused on the specific niche of your business can provide far more focused leads. This means a greater chance of acquiring new clients as opposed to a more broad spectrum social media platform.

    The newest and most profound method of social media marketing is the online video. While YouTube is the foremost video sharing client, more and more companies are using integrated videos on their websites in order to connect with potential clients. These videos also fall under the definition of social media and social media marketing.

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    Taking the World From All Sides

    The idea of using social media websites to promote your business is not a new idea. It is, however, an idea that can be changed and manipulated in order to meet a more focused potential client depending on the service and website used. Bigger is not always better in terms of social media marketing. Focused tends to reach more clients that may eventually turn into regular customers.