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Paintshop Pro vs. Photoshop

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/9/2010

Are you wondering what the difference is between Paintshop Pro and Photoshop? This guide will take a look at both, focusing on the major features and components of each program.

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    If you are having a time deciding which program you should go with, check out this guide. I will be discussing the pros and cons of both Paintshop Pro and Photoshop.

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    User Friendliness

    Paintshop Pro is a lot more user friendly than Photoshop. Paintshop Pro is fairly simple, when it comes to editing graphics, editing photos, and creating buttons. With Photoshop, you have to know how to use layers in order to do anything. If you don’t know anything about layers, stay away from Photoshop. Everything in Photoshop is done with layers, even creating text. You can’t edit text in Photoshop until you select the layer, then you only have so much control over it.

    Paintshop Pro is easy to use. You can open photos and apply effects with a couple of clicks of the mouse. You can easily draw shapes and create buttons. The layout of Paintshop Pro is easy to navigate around.

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    Styles, Brushes, & Effects

    When it comes to styles, brushes, and effects, Photoshop wins that one by a long shot. Photoshop has many more styles, brushes, and effects than Paintshop Pro. There are tons of styles and brushes you can download for free to use with Photoshop. You can find a few for Paintshop Pro, but nothing compared to Photoshop.

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    Photo Effects

    When it comes to the available photo effects in these two programs, they are running neck and neck. Both programs have great effects that can be applied to photos. Paintshop Pro is the easiest. All of Paintshop Pro effects is located in the Effects Menu. Photoshop has them scattered about. But both of these programs have great effects that can be applied to photos.

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    Program Cost

    Paintshop Pro is by far the cheapest between the two. The full version of the latest Paintshop Pro software is only $79.99. You can upgrade for $49.99. The full version of Photoshop CS4 is $699. So, there is a huge difference in price. Both programs offer a free 30 day trial, so it is a good idea to try before you buy to see which one best suits you.

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    Paintshop Pro vs Photoshop

    So, which one is better? It all depends on what you are using it for. If you are looking for a program to create web sites and other high tech designs, you will definitely want to go with Photoshop. If you are looking for a program to edit photos in and create drawings, you would probably be better off going with Paintshop Pro.