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Top 3 Cheap Christmas Gifts for the Web Designer

written by: Summer Banks•edited by: Robin L.•updated: 11/29/2008

How long are you going to wait before you buy something for Jill the beginning Web Developer? Buying for a designer may seem hard, but it is not, really!

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    The time of year has come when Christmas lists are full and wallets are empty. No matter how many websites you visit with Black Friday, Cyber Monday or some other form of holiday special deals, you will not find a sale paper with the web designer in mind. Web designers often rely on functional gifts to keep designing for another year. So, if you have a friend that is a web designer or a loved one that wants to begin their very own website, there are 3 gifts they cannot live without.

    The Hosting Package

    Without a hosting package, no web designer’s work would ever be seen. The hosting is the space “rented” on the Internet where the website will call home. While there is free hosting available on the Internet, this free option will often carry ads on the site. One year of hosting can cost as little as $50.00 so go for it!

    A Domain Name

    Now that your web designer has a piece of real estate, they need a house. That house is the domain they will be placing on the site. Purchasing the web designer a domain name or several domain names is a gift that keeps giving. Most of the time, the domain name will have to be paid for on a recurring basis, so opt for the 5 or 10 year domain purchase. Or, for the affiliate web designer, try purchasing 1 year of 10 websites. Domains start at $1.99 each for a year of ownership!

    A Beginning Designer Course

    Many local community colleges have web design courses. These courses will allow the beginning designer to learn the basics of coding a website, working with HTML, CSS and PHP as well as other languages used in coding. You never know, this gift could lead to a career in web design. The costs of the web design classes will vary from college to college.

    This Christmas give a practical gift to the beginning web designer. They may think they need a new computer, hard drive, external hard drive or some other form of hardware, but what they really need are these three key components to web design.