What You Need to Know About the Pros and Cons of Blog Writing Services

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In today’s busy world of online networking, using blog writing services is becoming a popular way for individuals and companies to enhance their high-performing blogs. Along with websites and social media, blogs are the number one place to share information on the Internet: They are so popular that even large companies with big marketing budgets are using blogs to promote branding and ideas online. Blog writing services provide ongoing content, updates and traffic feeds for these companies, but they must be used with care. Here are some of the pros and cons of using these services.

Pro: Saving Time with Blog Writing Services

One of the biggest pros to using one of these services is the ability to save time by hiring someone else to do the job. It takes a lot of research and time to build a blog and then maintain it with weekly posts. A blog writing service has the ability to assign several skilled writers to the blog to write posts on topics you assign or based on your CEO's blogging guidelines. Turnaround is generally fast, too. For a blog to perform well, it must be continually fed with interesting content and intriguing posts for guests.

Con: Costs of Using Blog Writing Services

A con of using blog writing services can be the cost associated with hiring an outside individual or content company to provide this work. Most private services provide package deals, which include several posts per month or week, depending on your needs. Paying by the single blog post can become costly over time. If the price is a factor, choose a blog writing service that can create original content at the best rates, then try to re-use some of this content in other direct marketing resources, such as e-mail newsletters and print marketing materials.

Pro: Fresh Ideas and Ongoing Content for Blogs

A positive reason for using one of these services is that the content will always be fresh and new. This is one of the biggest hurdles to maintaining a blog on your own. Eventually, you just run out of ideas to write about and the blog becomes stale. By using a blog writing company, you can garner ideas for a much longer time or ask writers to create posts around certain promotions to keep readers interested. Use a blogging service to upload posts for several weeks in advance so that the blog is always being refreshed with new content.

Con: SEO Compliance and Duplicate Content Issues

Something to watch out for when outsourcing content to blog writing services is the SEO/duplicate content issue. The major search engines frown upon blogs that use content from other sources as their own. In addition, check that the content is not overloaded with keywords, a practice called “keyword stuffing,” which used to be used to trick the search engines into forcing more traffic. Make sure all the content has a 3-5% keyword density and is not stolen from other websites or published copy to avoid having the blog banned or face copyright infringement lawsuits.

Pro: Relevancy to Other Marketing Campaigns

A good aspect of choosing to work with a blogging company is the ability to get posts that are relevant to other marketing campaigns. Posts can be written in advance to get readers excited about a new product rollout or a new service. Posts will stir up interest, and this consumer behavior becomes invaluable information that can then be used by your marketing department to design marketing campaigns that consumers will respond to. Use the blog as a partner with other traditional forms of marketing for the best results.

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