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How Much is Your Website Worth?

written by: pearlofafrika•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 7/31/2009

Find out the value of your website with this great web-based tool by dnScoop. It may be 100% accurate, but it's 100% fun, and you get a nice widget to prominently display on your site.

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    Every web developer needs a tool that calculates website statistics. With dnScoop, you can find easily look up various information about your website on one page. dnScoop is a free online tool that tells you how much your website is worth, among other things, on one, simple page.

    What can dnScoop do for you? One of the best things about dnScoop is that you have several tools in one, instead of having to go to various sites to gather the information you need. The website is not exactly accurate, but it's a great barometer for your site's value.

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    This is the information you can expect on dnScoop:

    Domain Age

    You will find out when the domain was created, and its approximate age in years, months, and days. dnScoop interfaces with for a day by day analysis of published pages.

    Pagerank Check

    This shows the current pagerank of your site, and whether the pagerank is valid.

    Inbound Links

    This is a handy tool, because you can see how many websites are linking to your site. You can also see who is linking to your site, through Yahoo!'s Site Explorer.

    Traffic Rank

    Using AlexaRank, dnScoop shows you how much traffic your website incurs.

    Domain Name IP Report

    This tool shows you how many other sites share your same IP address. It's good to know who your neighbors are.

    Link Value Report

    Working with Text-Link-Ads, you'll find out the estimated monthly value of an ad on your site.

    Site Value Report

    This is the cornerstone tool-- it shows you how much your website is worth based on its age, the amount of traffic, and inbound links. You also have the option to buy, sell, and trade domains on dnScoop marketplace forum.

    Create a Widget

    You can copy an html code into your website to inform your visitors of your site's worth. It's only impressive when it's over $10.

    As you can see this tool is very valuable to all web developers, as you can see what all your hard work is worth.