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10 Beautiful, Unique Blue Website Backgrounds

written by: SunnyGriffis•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 11/10/2014

Select beautiful blue website backgrounds to make your layout stand out from the crowd. Creative a welcoming, professional look using one of these unique blue images, and tailor them to suit your design.

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    Finding Blue Website Background Images

    Blue, a common color in website design, is a neutral and aesthetically pleasing choice on numerous types of sites. It’s the most preferred color in general, ranking as most common favorite color, according to Faber Birren’s Color Psychology and Color Therapy.

    Because it’s so common, it can be difficult to find unique blue website backgrounds that give your site a trademark look. You’ll want to find an image that matches your website’s purpose and niche, without distracting from your content. Check out these blue background images for your site, and try incorporating a few into your website design. It’s also important to check the copyright information for any images that you decide to use before placing it on your site.

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    Blue Stars and Hearts Backgrounds

    Blue images featuring stars and hearts may be suitable for personal blogs and whimsical sites. For a design that flows seamlessly, try selecting an image with highlights in contrasting colors. Use the contrasting colors sporadically on your site to weave in the colors, making the blue dominant, yet not over-powering.

    Blue Stars, Creative Commons License by Jagged Blue Hearts, Creative Commons License by George 

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    Blue Abstract Designs

    Abstract images present web designers with an enormous amount of possibilities for unique websites backgrounds. Attractive and highly adaptable, they can give a website an interesting appeal. If you have an image editing program available, try modifying the transparency of various images to explore the intensity of the blues, and crop or stretch the images as necessary.

    Blue Line Background, Free Digital Revolutions Image by Mike Martinez Purple Blue Road, Creative Commons License by Backgrounds Etc 

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    Blue Light Images

    Images focusing on light structures can be effectively used on both professional and personal websites. Illuminated blue images contribute style to a design, but won’t divert visitors from your site’s intended purpose. Use images featuring beams of various shapes and designs to add unique, symbiotic feel to your design.

    Blue Lights, Creative Commons License by Martin Pettitt Blue Thingy, Creative Commons License by Shayne Kaye 

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    Smoky Blue Background

    Smoky blue images, another form of abstract design, are becoming increasingly popular for website backgrounds. Smoke art makes excellent backgrounds because they are subtle, but can wildly vary in hues and tones, making them customizable for your blog or website.

    Smoke, Creative Commons License by Seannaber 

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    Blue Textures for Backgrounds

    Textured backgrounds, created using various mediums, offer website users another option for blue website backgrounds. Close-up photographs, unique graphic designs, and tiled images all make excellent textures for website or blog backgrounds. Use muted blues for subtle textures, or try using textures with varying shades of blue for a bolder, stark contrast.

    Blue Texture, Creative Commons License by Odie Odysseus Blue Pots, Creative Commons License by Joe Mabel 

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    You can modify nearly any image to use as a website background. Either by tiling or stretching an image, you can work within your website builder to use an interesting image to fit a blue-themed layout. With just the right image, your entire website will have the foundation for a stylish, professional design.

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