How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook the Right Way

Problems With a Facebook Friend?

Social networks are wonderful places to discover new friends and to keep in touch with old ones. Yet, all of the opportunities available can eventually backfire. Facebook is probably the most famous place to meet new people and to interact with friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, an individual may be forced to unfriend someone on Facebook. Why and how is it done?

It can be difficult to unfriend someone on Facebook. When they find out about it, people are likely to become bitter and vindictive. Thus, unfriending others should be used solely as a last resort option.

What should be done to remove people from a friendship list? When is such a decision socially acceptable?

Is Unfriending Someone Really Needed?

People decide to remove others from their Facebook lists because of various reasons. Sometimes, other individuals can become too obsessive and annoying.

Constant messaging, comments underneath each post and status updates by the minute have the potential to turn into true pain. Many people are so addicted to Facebook that they provide details about even the tiniest aspect of their lives.

Harassment is another issue that can be tackled through unfriending an individual. Sometimes, a contact could send spam or inappropriate messages. This is probably the sole scenario in which unfriending is the only way out.

If a contact is a minor annoyance, other solutions are available.

Unfriending someone on Facebook is also an option when your contact list has become too large and you want to get rid of distant acquaintances that no longer hold an emotional value. In such cases, unfriending will be easy and painless.

Steps Involved in Unfriending Someone on Facebook

Removing a person from your Facebook friends list is a relatively simple task.

Log into your Facebook account and go to the Friends menu that appears on the left side of the screen. In the upper corner, you will notice a button saying “Edit Friends.” Click that to get started.

You will next get a list containing the names of all your Facebook friends. To introduce changes, click the X that appears next to the name of the person that you want to unfriend. When you click, you will be asked if you really want to remove the person from your friends list. If you want to complete the operation, click on “Remove From Friends.”

The person you unfriend will not receive an alert about your actions. That individual will no longer have access to your profile and you will see solely their public information.

Additional Privacy Options

Unfriending someone on Facebook will usually be a problem-free operation. You may experience some unpleasant moments if the person finds out and gets upset. In such instances, you could receive spiteful messages and threats.

If you want to deal with an angry former Facebook friend, you could consider blocking the person.

To block a user, you will need to go to your profile settings. Go to “Privacy Settings” and at the bottom of the screen, you will see a “Block List” option. Click on “Edit Your Lists.” You will see a tool giving you the chance to include the names of the people that you want to block.

Dealing With Minor Annoyances Without Unfriending People

If you are simply annoyed by someone’s posts and News Feeds, you can get these blocked without unfriending the person. This way, you will keep the connection without having to deal with all the needless information that the individual posts.

When looking at your homepage, look at the specific post of the person that you want to remove from the News Feed. You will see an X appearing across the name of the person.

When you click the X, Facebook will ask you whether you want to remove the specific posting or all postings by the person. Choose the option that suits your needs best.

Unfriending someone on Facebook should really be a last resort option. If you add a person to your friends list, you probably had a good reason to do so. Think carefully if such a radical step is needed and if you cannot do anything to improve the situation – go ahead and edit your Facebook friends list.

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