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Looking for web development tips? Design tutorials? Candid reviews of web development tools? Look no further than the Web Development channel at Bright Hub, offering expert technical advice on how to build and maintain websites, improve your programming skills, or create your very first blog in WordPress. From basics such as choosing the right web fonts or tips on installing WordPress to the latest in web design trends, you’ll find helpful how-to articles and expert reviews, all created by web designers, bloggers and internet marketing professionals under the watchful eye of Managing Editor Michele McDonough.
For those designers who have mastered the basics and are now ready to try their hand at a little programming, experienced web developers offer their tips, and sometimes scripts, for PHP, .NET, SQL and more. Once you’ve built your site, you’ll find a smattering of Internet Marketing advice such as these tips on driving traffic to your site with Twitter. From in-depth product reviews such as this review of Expression Web 4 to deciding whether Adobe CS4 is worth the investment, you’ll find BrightHub.com a trusted resource you turn to again and again.

All about Domains: An Overview

Before you can get your new web site online, you need a domain. Read on to find out more about what a domain is and how to secure one so that you can finally get that web site online for everyone to see and use.

What is a Blog? We have the Answer!

Blog this, blog that… it seems to be something we hear all the time! So, what is a blog? What’s the big deal about them? Read on to find out more about blogging, and why it has taken the internet by storm.

Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer – Keep Your Disks Running at Top Speed

Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer edition keeps your storage media in top condition. If you have multiple computers accessing the home server and lots of audio and video media, storage can get badly fragmented quickly. Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer may be just the right medicine for your storage problems.

System Mechanic 7 Professional – More Than You May Need

System Mechanic 7 Professional offers a wide range of tools and features to help find and repair errors, clean out clutter, and speed up system performance. But it’s also chock-full of other tools you may not need or want. Is it too much? You decide.

A Review of 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro

3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows is a utility that scans the Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information. Keeping your registry clean will increase your system performance and eliminate potential problems. So how does Registry Repair Pro For Windows perform? Read on.

A Review of Net Librarian 8.0

Net Librarian tries to be a meta-search engine intending to focus on fine-tuning stored results for users in the realm of education and research. It works to an extent, but remains behind the times in performance and results.