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Looking for web development tips? Design tutorials? Candid reviews of web development tools? Look no further than the Web Development channel at Bright Hub, offering expert technical advice on how to build and maintain websites, improve your programming skills, or create your very first blog in WordPress. From basics such as choosing the right web fonts or tips on installing WordPress to the latest in web design trends, you’ll find helpful how-to articles and expert reviews, all created by web designers, bloggers and internet marketing professionals under the watchful eye of Managing Editor Michele McDonough.
For those designers who have mastered the basics and are now ready to try their hand at a little programming, experienced web developers offer their tips, and sometimes scripts, for PHP, .NET, SQL and more. Once you’ve built your site, you’ll find a smattering of Internet Marketing advice such as these tips on driving traffic to your site with Twitter. From in-depth product reviews such as this review of Expression Web 4 to deciding whether Adobe CS4 is worth the investment, you’ll find BrightHub.com a trusted resource you turn to again and again.

A Business Guide to Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Web hosts provide services for all manner of different websites, but not all of these services are suitable for hosting an online business. Whether you require e-commerce or an online presence, constant uptime and generous bandwidth feature in the long list of requirements for a business website.

Prove Your CSS Knowledge with Our Quiz

CSS has caused many web designers to shoot themselves in the foot. Are you one of them? Challenge yourself with this short quiz and find out just how much you really know about CSS.

Test Your SQL Skills With This Quick Quiz

Think you are up to the task of managing data in a relational database?Then test your SQL skills with this quick quiz and see whether you need to quit your day job or ask for a raise instead.

Essential Web Design Tutorials

As a beginner, you may already know the basics of setting up a website and getting it online, but your websites probably still look amateurish. The more you learn, the more your websites will improve, and these tutorials will help you do just that.

Twitter Statistics of Top Celebs in the Community

Twitter statistics reveal that the popularity levels of celebrities are determined by the number of followers and frequency of tweeting. The Twitter saga had begun about 5 years ago, and today Twitter is one amongst the top 10 most-visited websites in the world.

An Overview of HTML5 Video Standards

Until recently there was no standard for displaying video on a web page, and websites relied on different plug-ins such as Flash to display videos. HTML5 video standards have however changed that by incorporating the