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How to Turn Google Chrome Geolocation Off

Do you know that your browser can send the exact location of your whereabouts to websites that you are visiting? If you wish, this feature can be disabled. Read more below to find out how to turn Google Chrome geolocation off or turn off geolocation in Firebox and other major browsers.

Computer Privacy: Cookie Management

Websites are increasingly using tracking cookies to trace your every move across the web and build an advertising profile around your data. Find out how to avoid being tracked and maintain your privacy on the web with proper cookie management.

Internet Security and privacy software by Symantec

Mainstay security provider Symantec has launched it’s latest salvo in the personal internet safety and security space: Norton Internet Security 2008. The suite comes packed with features and at $59.95 the suite offers a lot for the money. But is this veteran ready for retirement or has it been reinvented to compete with the new hot shots in the barracks? Read on to find out.