Who can see you online? How does the information you release affect you? Find out how to protect your online privacy and keep you safe from identity theft and other crimes. Read software reviews, basic information and safety tips from our experts and pros.

Internet Privacy and Static IP Addresses

Your IP address is a type of digital fingerprint that your computer leaves all over the Internet. You may have heard about static and dynamic IP addresses, but do you know how it impacts your Internet security? We’ll take a look at this issue inside.

Teaching Kids Internet Safety

Teaching kids Internet safety is an evolving art. While there are a few absolutes, the changing methods of child predators and even the ups and downs of social networking drama require a different approach for each age group. What are some of the tools parents can use?

Keep Children Safe with 5 Basic Internet Rules

Internet safety rules for kids spell out the basic dos and don’ts while using the Internet for research, homework or just for socializing and playing games. While it is not possible to cover every eventuality, there are five basic ground rules that protect youngsters from the most likely problems.

Internet History Privacy Eraser Software

When on the Internet, you transmit a huge amount of information about yourself, and sometimes you don’t even realize you’re transmitting. Everything from your current location to credit card numbers are regularly transmitted over the Internet. Let’s do our best to erase those traces on your computer

ExifCleaner Review

The tags of .exif files are shared with other people if you don’t scrub the picture’s details. Learn about the ExifCleaner program in this ExifCleaner review and discover how to protect your privacy before sending or uploading pictures online.

Internet Privacy Concerns

With Behavioral Marketing, cookies, messaging, search engines, online forms, email, ISPs, mobile computing and more, consumers need to truly read policies, review settings on websites and their web browsers and to be aware when giving out personal information.