Who can see you online? How does the information you release affect you? Find out how to protect your online privacy and keep you safe from identity theft and other crimes. Read software reviews, basic information and safety tips from our experts and pros.

How to Use HTTPS Proxy Sites for Fun and Profit

Tired of getting hauled before the man for visiting ”forbidden” websites at work or school? Maybe you just hate having your web surfing habits dissected. Well, you can kill two birds with one stone thanks to HTTPS proxy servers! Learn how to stick it to the censors in this short guide!

Why is Privacy on the Internet Such an Issue?

What do the experts say about Internet privacy? Why is privacy on the Internet such an issue in a day when “everyone” has a social media account? Real life stories serve as cautionary tales and underscore the need to think long-term before you post, share and click “send.”

Using Norton 360 Parental Controls

Do you want to know how to configure the most effective parental control software available on the net today? In this article, we’ll outline the different options a parent has for blocking objectionable content, and introduce the latest features in the most recent version of Norton 360.

How to Delete Messages on Skype

If you use the popular Internet messenger service, Skype, then you would probably like to know that it offers you a very limited window to save face if you make an embarrassing comment or mistake. If you’d like to learn how to delete Skype messages, either for organization or reputation, look here.

Ethical Issues of Internet Privacy.

The Internet and personal computers not only give consumers a vastly increased opportunity to obtain knowledge, but they also offer other forces a means to glean all sorts of personal data. Hackers routinely target companies to steal mass data sets. Learn how to protect your privacy with these tips.

Top Free Online Private Chat Services

It can be challenging to find the right chat service online, just as it can be tricky to protect your own identity using a chat client. However, using one of these free online private chat services should allow you to work around this problem, and keep your identity secure and private.

Are Skype Video Calls Saved Anywhere?

Have you ever wondered if Skype video calls are saved anywhere? If so, you might be interested to find that they can be, if you make your own recordings. Otherwise if you want to refer back to a previous webcam chat, Skype sadly doesn’t retain an archive of these.

Privacy On Your Computer: Clean Up History

Every time you view web pages, you leave traces behind. Your browser keeps all your history stored. Many browsers also store user names, form data and passwords. Anyone wanting to know more about you need look no further than your history. Regularly cleaning your history keeps you safer online.

Preventing Identity Theft After a Data Breach

With the recent crisis on the Playstation Network, a number of people have had an in-depth experience with losing their personal information. If you want to limit your risk for identity theft, then you’ll need to know how to handle this situation. For more information, read the tips below…