Phishing Attacks and Internet Scams

Have you or someone you know gotten an email or message while online from a place that looks like it's from a big company but there's something a bit odd with it? Maybe they're asking for your password, social security number, or other private information – whatever the case, it's likely a phishing scam that's designed to trick you into submitting sensitive data to a person or business that shouldn't be trusted. Find out how you can protect yourself from these types of internet scams and what to do if you've become a victim of a phishing scam.

The Complete Spam Reduction Guide

The senders of spam have not stopped in distracting computer users at work or at home. Spammers continue to send bulk loads of unsolicited e-mail to distribute malware or just be annoying. Learn how to stop spam using this spam reduction guide.

Need to Know Phishing Advice for Beginners

Phishing is something you have likely heard of, but are you aware of the dangers it poses to your identity and financial safety? Not being armed with the right information puts a target on your virtual head and makes you vulnerable to hungry predators ready and willing to make you the next victim.

Help! I Forgot My PayPal Password

The world of online banking can be quite frustrating. You want to make a very tough password for your account, but it’s nice to have one that you can actually remember. When you forget your PayPal password, there are a few options for you to get it back.

PayPal & eBay Scams – Avoiding Fraud on eBay

The rise of eBay is a key part of the Internet’s history. It still acts as a great online marketplace, and any marketplace has its pickpockets and scammers. Knowing how to avoid scams, both as a buyer and seller, is vital to keeping your money where it belongs.

Phishing Mac – Not Just a Windows Problem

Even Mac OS X’s built-in security measures is not enough to stop today’s phishing attacks. This goes to show that any computer user can be caught by such a common threat. On the bright side, there is hope for Macintosh users as addressed in the article.

Reporting Fraud to Skype

As with anything that’s remotely popular on the Internet, Skype has become a big target for fraud. This appears to hit both sides of the chat software too, with scammers targeting users and fraudulent charges appearing on bills. If you need some help dealing with either, then just look here.

Avoiding the Free iTunes Facebook Scam Threat

As one of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook is quickly becoming a popular target for scams and other threats aimed at getting user information. One of these threats is that of the free iTunes Facebook scam, in which users may be fooled into giving out their personal information.

Phishing Statistics – Who Are the Primary Targets?

Phishing is a major source of cybercrime and affects many Internet users. This source of identity fraud can be a major pain to correct too. The first step to protecting yourself is educating yourself, so if you want to avoid phishing you should look at this selection of recent phishing statistics.