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Choosing the Fastest Internet Security Software

written by: •edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 6/12/2010

A look at the best and fastest internet security software available for use on PCs, laptops and netbooks.

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    What Is the Fastest Internet Security Software?

    Fast internet security software is a great way to maximise your PC security while getting the most out of your system resources.

    Internet security software typically combines a firewall with an antivirus application – it’s a great way of providing a single-step solution to your online security concerns and is becoming an increasingly common software dynamic among premium and free PC security solutions.

    If you’re looking for a suitable internet security suite that offers low memory and CPU overhead, this list of software should certainly point you in the right direction. Below you will find a selection of premium and free software (with reviews based on use on Windows XP and Windows 7), along with a short summary of its pros and cons – but don’t expect to find any of the big names in this list – Norton and Symantec in particular are renowned for providing the biggest security bloatware apps available.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security

    Designed for use on PCs, notebooks and netbooks, Kaspersky Internet Security is a streamlined option offering unobtrusive firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus tools.

    Living up to the phrase “internet security suite”, Kaspersky’s product also offers real time protection, sandbox mode for running vital applications away from prying malware and even an onscreen keyboard for the encrypted and secure entry of passwords and other details. With efficient scanning based on the available system resources, and suitable for Windows 7 PCs, Kaspersky Internet Security is a reliable and comprehensive suite of tools that meet the expectations set by the publisher.

    Available from, this is a premium product with a number of payment options depending on your intended use.

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    COMODO Internet Security

    Comodo - the fastest Internet Security Software? My personal preference over the years has been to run a selection of software security tools based on their strengths, rather than relying on a single umbrella group of apps.

    It is only recently that I have been comfortable enough to install any security suite and use it long term – and my choice is one that I have been extremely happy with, COMODO Internet Security.

    First of all, the advantages of this suite are obvious – it’s free (download from While there are premium options available for anyone wishing to include more security (covering WIFI and live security) having a free security suite that is capable of running without hogging RAM or CPU resources is vital for anyone who wants to get the best out of their PC.

    I can leave tracing other types of malicious software and spam blocking to dedicated applications that run when I choose – for the thin profile firewall and AV protection of my PC, I use Comodo Internet Security.

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    Avira Premium Security Suite

    Finally, Avira’s security suite option comes highly regarded. Avira Premium Security Suite 9 makes improvements on the previous version and with a pretty low price for such a comprehensive box of tricks, this is probably the best value deal in the list, if you’re looking for the solution with the most bang for your bucks. Anti-phishing protection, support for low-fi systems like netbooks and the usual anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware tools makes Avira Premium Security Suite a top choice in this list of fastest internet security software suites.

    Although it comes with some drawbacks – inability to scan a NAS (network attached storage) device for instance – Avira Premium Security Suite should certainly be considered along with solutions from Comodo and Kaspersky.

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