Google Web Elements

Learn how to put Google Web Elements to work for you to give your web readers more of the information they need. Whether you run a business or personal website you’ll find it quick and easy to embed slide presentations, spreadsheets, calendars and even bulletin boards for conversations into your website. You can even add search and YouTube functionality.

Part 3 of the Google Webmaster Tools Series

This article is part III in the Google Web Elements series. This portion will cover Presentations, Spreadsheets, and YouTube News. As stated in part I, Google Web Elements is a new set of add-ons that webmasters can integrate into their websites.

Troubleshooting Web Elements

Do you want to add news, maps, a calendar and/or a few handy documents to your website? Then, including Google Web Elements may be what you need. This article is intended for those who are getting started to or are already using Google Web Elements.