Google Scholar

  • How to Search and Find Results in Google Scholar

    If users want to find scholarly literature and academic reference material, then they should use Google Scholar. This is a search engine that can retrieve content related to the users request or preferences set to show many hits. Find out more about its...
    By Daniel Brecht June 2, 2011 

  • Tutorial: Using Google Scholar

    If you are in a crunch to do some legitimate research, but live too far from a library, then Google has saved the day. The Google Scholar search engine is a resource to those looking for scholarly literature, legal opinions, and patents. Find out just...
    By Trevor Parker November 10, 2010 

  • Scholar: The Basics of Google Scholar

    Google Scholar gives researchers, academics, students and other learners a way to search for content in a discipline of interest. Some of Google Scholar's features resemble plain old Google Search, but it has a few unique features of its own. See...
    By Meryl K Evans July 21, 2009 

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