Google Scholar

Google Scholar puts all the scholarly information you need at your fingertips. Search through abstracts, books, articles from professional societies, and other peer-reviewed works to find the information you need. Works are ranked and rated based on relevance and dependability, so you find what you’re looking for without wasting time. New works are being added all the time, so research is kept fresh and relevant.

What Is Google Scholar Search?

Google Scholar gives researchers, academics, students and other learners a way to search for content in a discipline of interest. Some of Google Scholar’s features resemble plain old Google Search, but it has a few unique features of its own. See what you can do with Google Scholar.

Google Scholar for Power Users: Understanding its Features

If users want to find scholarly literature and academic reference material, then they should use Google Scholar. This is a search engine that can retrieve content related to the users request or preferences set to show many hits. Find out more about its use and benefits as you read the article.