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Google offers many different products and services. Learn about each one and get helpful information to make thse technologies work better for you. Read articles about how to use anything that Google offers, customize it to your liking, and discover ways how Google’s technology can help you or your business.

15 Things You Should Know About Google

Almost everyone knows about Google, yet it has grown far beyond what most people realize. There are many different tools available from Google, usually for free, to help you get organized, get around, keep in touch, keep informed and do a lot more online than just search.

More than Search & Gmail: Other Useful Google Tools

Google’s idea of a beta is everyone else’s idea of a finished product; as a result, many great new products hang around in the shadows for years before making it out to the mass market. What are some useful tools that you should be using, but aren’t?

iGoogle Translation Gadgets

You can use iGoogle gadgets to translate words, phrases and Web pages directly from your iGoogle homepage. Google provides an official Google Translate gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page for free, or you can install one of the many third-party gadgets from the iGoogle gadget gallery.

Google Translate Fun

There are several fun things you can find to do with Google translate – we’ve got 5 great ideas right here!

Google Home Business Kit – Save Yourself from a Scam

Working a traditional job can be frustrating. Unreasonable bosses, uncooperative coworkers, low pay, and no recognition are all factors that make working at home appealing. Before buying that Google home business kit advertised online, here are some ways to tell a legitimate opportunity from a scam.

Google Language Tools Review

The importance of globalizing your service or a product in the business world is very emphasized, but in order to do that you will need a translation solution that will help your business add reach in the global market. You’ve many options to choose from and one of them is Google Language Tools.

Understanding Google Mobile Calendar

If you’re using Google Calendar for your scheduling and time management needs, you should have been using its mobile version as well. Google Mobile Calendar is a mobile phone-optimized version of Google’s web-based calendar. Read on to find out more about Google Mobile Calendar.

How can Google Apps help with Project Management Tasks?

The use of Google Apps can facilitate some of your project management needs and can be used to remotely collaborate with your project team members using spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations. This article will outline the Google Apps that can be useful for Project Management Tasks.

Setting up a Google Proxy Group

Google proxy groups are quite useful for anyone who needs to work their way around an internet filter at work or school. Since there are a lot of people who want to play games or get on Facebook during the day, there is a large demand for these groups. I’ll tell you everything you need to run one.

Google Earth Features – Live Flight Tracking

Google Earth is a fun program for both education reasons and just messing around. One new interesting feature is the ability to use live flight tracking in Google Earth. I’ll give you some quick info about this fun new feature.

Publish to Blogger using Google Docs

Google Docs and Blogger may seem an unlikely combination, but they can be used together to speed up the publishing process. This article looks at Google Docs and how to use it effectively with Blogger.

Four Alternatives for Google AdWords

Google AdWords not working for your advertising campaigns? There are plenty of other advertising networks that can pull in valuable ad conversion for your brands. Here we give you 5 top networks to try.

Best Google Chrome Themes

Recently, Google has made the themes of its Chrome browser changeable, just like Mozilla Firefox. So now you don’t have to bore yourself with the same default Google Chrome theme. Here we give you some of the top Google Chrome Themes that you can use to spice up your browsing experience with Chrome.

Top Tips for Google Calendar

This list features some of the best tutorials and articles about Google Calendar. Whether you are new to Google Calendar, an advanced Google Calendar user, or just use Google Calendar to keep track of a few events a month, this list should have some tip or trick to help you out. Read more…