Looking for tutorials on Google’s Picasa photo editing and sharing tool? Look no further as our Picasa experts provide you with all the Picasa tutorials you’ll need.
Find out in this tutorial how to edit photos in Picasa 3 the way you want with the available and easy-to-use features that you may not have known about. If you’re just beginning, you may want to read about the basic features in a getting started with Picasa tutorial.
Become a master at photo editing in Picasa by reading other articles, tips and tutorials from the pros. Read about what’s now possible with Google’s latest update to Picasa 3, find out how to use watermarks, how to upload photos to your blog and more!

Picasa Instructions: How to Use Picasa

Picasa began as a photo organizer and viewer created by Idealab and has since evolved into one of the largest photo sharing sites on the Web, owned and operated by Google. The Picasa instructions in this tutorial will show you how to get Picasa and how to use it to organize and share photos.

Creating a Movie in Picasa 3

Creating a movie with the Picasa 3 Movie Maker is simple, quick and fun. Once your movie is created, you can share it with your friends and family by posting it to YouTube with one click of a button!

Learn How to Edit Photos in Picasa 3 (Archived)

Editing your photos just became easier with Google’s upgraded Picasa 3 Photo Management software. Fix blemishes and red eye problems, and straighten or crop your photos! Plus, you can do much, much more. Learn about it here!

The New Picasa 3

With the new face of Picasa, Picasa 3 has new tools as well as improved tools that allows you more control over your photos. Online photo storage has never been this easy.