What exactly is iGoogle and what’s it for? Unlike the main Google page we’re all familiar with, iGoogle is a personalized Google search page that allows you to pick out the information and news you want to see when visiting the iGoogle page. Many iGoogle users have items like the weather, their Gmail mail items, and up-to-date news displayed on their personal iGoogle page, along with many other unique and interesting apps that can be selected or created.
How do I start using iGoogle?
You can find helpful articles below to learn how to use iGoogle to create a single web home page that lets you access all of your Google applications as well as install tools from other developers. Access your calendar, reader, Gmail and more from one location. These expert articles and tips can also show you how to connect all the Google applications and other information from your online life to quickly access the info you want to know – on on the same web page.
iGoogle for your Mobile
It’s also possible to see the features of iGoogle on a mobile phone, provided you have mobile internet access. You’ll be current on whatever you need to know when you’re on the go.

Why Use Your Google Profile?

By using your Google Profile, you can make yourself easier to find as well as choose how people can contact you when they’re looking for you online. You can also get better search rankings for your name than you might otherwise be able to manage.

Using iGoogle for Your Non-profit

Non-profits are always short on money. But, if you’ve instituted a social media program, iGoogle can help you track your mentions for free. Learn more today!

Project Management with iGoogle

Formally known as Google Personalized Homepage, this service launched in May 2005 to allow users to customize their Google search page. With this ability, you are able to manage your projects, and this article will show you how to do this.

Steps-by-step instructions tp connect Gmail to iGoogle

iGoogle is your personalized Google Homepage. It is customizable to your needs and is a great way to organize all your favorite gadgets and browse them at a glance. Learn how you can connect Gmail to iGoogle, so that you view, access and compose mail without having to sign-in separately into Gmail!

How to manage your Google Gadgets

Customize your iGoogle by adding gadgets which support your personal needs like displaying sport scores, your calendar, to-do lists, even your partner’s blog! Don’t think a gadget is so great anymore? Remove it with the click of a button! Learn how simple it is to add and remove gadgets in iGoogle!

iGoogle: On Your Mobile Device

Having iGoogle on your mobile web browser is a great way to take the convenience of your Google Aps with you, where ever you go. With iGoogle’s mobile capabilities, you can keep your Gmail, and Docs, along with news reports, maps, and just about anything else you need, at your fingertips.

iGoogle: Customizing Your Pages

iGoogle makes it easy to fully customize your homepage. You can change themes, add gadgets, set language preferences, share tabs, and even change the page layout.

iGoogle: Adding Gadgets

Functionality is what it’s all about. With iGoogle gadgets, you can have email, jokes, weather, Bible verses, movie review, and even games right on your iGoogle desktop. There are hundreds of gadgets available, allowing you to do just about anything with your iGoogle page.

iGoogle: Creating Your Homepage

iGoogle is your one stop homepage for the web. Access all your Google services, RSS feeds, news feeds, bookmarks, maps, calendar information, to do list, and more, from one convenient location.

How Google Works

Google hasn’t always been the number one search engine on the internet, but now that it is, many people are interested in finding out how the Google search engine works. Let’s take a look!