Maximize Your Google Searches

Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your Web searches with Google.

Use These Online Library Book Search Ideas for Your Research

Before you go to the library, find out if they have the books and other resources you need by doing an online library book search. An online search will help you know what books are available and which library has them, taking the guesswork out of your research and leisure reading.

The Best Audio Search Engine Websites

Are you looking for audio files, but getting frustrated having to sift through all of the non-audio search results that traditional search engines return? Read on for a list of the best audio-specific search engines on the web.

Blinx Video Search Tips and Tricks

With a unique video “wall” and easy search options, Blinx video search engine provides access to endless hours of free videos from various video sharing sources. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most of Blinkx video search engine.

Bible Study Help: Free Online Bible Concordance Search Websites

Whether you are beginning to read the Bible for the first time or delving into a deeper study of how a particular word is used in the Bible, a concordance is a beneficial tool. The following websites offer Bible concordance search features that make it easy for you to learn and grow in God’s word.

Job Search Help: Finding the Best Job Search Engines

If you are looking for a job, don’t waste time browsing site after site. Use this list of job search engines to narrow your options to those that truly interest you. Here are ten of the best job search engines around, in no particular order.

Top Picks for Video Search Websites

Looking for a video on a specific subject but can’t find it over your favourite video sharing site? Try one of the video search websites listed below for a solution.

Choosing the Best Image Search Engine

Most major search engines have image search features which provide you with images that match your search terms. The image search features find and display their results in different ways. Picking the best image search engine means finding the search that best meets your personal preferences.