Maximize Your Google Searches

Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your Web searches with Google.

Searching the Web Like a Pro

The Internet puts a world of information into the hands of anyone who wants it. Yet, people often miss huge amounts information because they don’t understand how to search the Web effectively. So if you want to ensure you get everything out of the Web check out the articles presented in this guide.

Google Trivia Quiz – Test Your Google Search Knowledge

With new improvements and features, Google Search has proved once again why it rules the search engine arena. Take our Google Search quiz to know more about its history, search options and the latest enhancements it has made to improve user search experience

Google Alternatives: Search Engines for Privacy

Google stores a history of your searches that it can tie to you using a cookie or your IP address. Google uses this information to target advertisements and tweak its search engine. Google also hands over the information to governments when required to do so by law.

Which Is The Fastest Internet Search Engine

The ultimate goal for anyone searching the web is fast, accurate results when they use a search engine. Since search engines are not created equal, it’s often hard to find which one is not only the fastest, but provides the best overall results for your search.

How to Search by Username: Two Deep Web Sources

How to Search by Username: Two Deep Web Sources

If you want to search social network usernames, you can use standard search engines, but in most cases, they don’t work. Check out these deep web search engines, and also find here a comparison between a standard search engine (Google) and a deep web people search (Spokeo).

Best Obituary Search Engine Recommendations

Whether you’re researching family history or simply want to find out the details of the life and death of a notable person, there are several services online that provide search facilities that will uncover obituaries.

Using Deep Internet Search Engines

Here’s how to locate relevant information on websites and databases that aren’t indexed by traditional search engines.
Discover the features of deep internet search engines and find out what type of information each one searches for.

Email Address Search: Reverse Lookup Tools

There are plenty of reasons you might want to know more information about someone you’ve received emails from, and there are plenty of resources online to do just that. Read this article to learn about some of the best tools available to you.

Search Engines that search Social Media Sites

Find information stored on social network sites with one of the top rated social search engines. Spokeo, Whos Talkin, and Samepoint are sites that scour the web for public information. Simply enter a query into the search box and view results from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

The coolest Internet Search Engines

While Google is still the undoubted king of search by market share alone, other search engines are trying new approaches to gain niche market share. This article evaluates the best of these innovative search engines.