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  • Google Reader Play Review

    Do you enjoy discovering cool websites and sharing them with others? I'm sure most of you have heard of StumbleUpon, but Google has also jumped on the bandwagon and has been stirring in their labs their latest experiment, Google Reader Play.
    By Finn Orfano April 30, 2010 

  • Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Reader

    Learn and use the full scope of keyboard shortcuts available in Google Reader to maximize your feed reading time and save your neck and wrists from all that mousey scrolling.
    By Halahblue April 14, 2010 

  • What is Google Reader?

    Google Reader was a web-based feed aggregator that could read both Atom and RSS feeds, whether your computer is online or offline. Unfortunately, Google Reader is being shut down on July 1, 2013.
    By Arnold Zafra March 2, 2010 

  • Google Reader for Sharing News With and Without a Gmail Account

    Google Reader provides the perfect tools for sharing articles with all your friends. Whether you and your friends use Gmail or other email accounts, you can share with anyone and everyone.
    By Halahblue February 4, 2010 

  • Using Google Reader Offline

    Feed junkies and business travelers will truly appreciate the ability to use Google Reader offline. By adding a simple browser extension, you'll be able to read your latest 2,000 feeds without connecting to the internet.
    By Halahblue February 21, 2009 

  • Google Reader & Feedly: A Perfect Match

    Feedly, a Firefox 3 add-on, integrates with Google Reader to provide you magazine-like viewing of your RSS feeds. Feedly has many extra features that Google Reader doesn't including integration with Twitter and Friendfeed.
    By Halahblue February 21, 2009 

  • The Power of Google Search in Google Reader

    Google Reader now has Google Search built in. You can use it similarly to the way you can use Google Search in Gmail. When you need to find an item, new or read, but can't remember the exact title or site that it came from, use Google Search. Here...
    By Halahblue February 21, 2009 

  • Getting Started with Google Reader

    How to set up a Google account and get started with Google Reader. Includes tips for sharing, privacy, and newbies as well as tips for current feed reader users.
    By Halahblue February 21, 2009 

  • Going Mobile with Google Reader

    If you want to read your feeds from Google Reader on your mobile device, follow this guide for going mobile with Google Reader. Set up is a snap. Reading your feeds on the go will keep you up to date on the most recent items, so you never have thousands...
    By Halahblue January 19, 2009 

  • Take Notes in Google Reader

    In Google Reader you can add notes to any item you share. The notes you add will be viewable by all your shared contacts. Learn how to take notes in Google Reader to tell your contacts your take on an item or just why you chose to share it.
    By Halahblue January 19, 2009 
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