Google Reader – ARCHIVED

The Internet is all about information, but accessing that information in an orderly manner is difficult.  Google Reader lets you access web pages and news feeds using RSS technology.  Learn how to use Google Reader to make accessing all of your information faster and easier.This topic contains articles, tips and techniques on using Google Reader to keep up with your webcasts, podcasts, video casts, blogs, news, RSS feeds and other information.

A Review of Google Reader Play: Worth Trying Out? ARCHIVED

Do you enjoy discovering cool websites and sharing them with others? I’m sure most of you have heard of StumbleUpon, but Google has also jumped on the bandwagon and has been stirring in their labs their latest experiment, Google Reader Play.

Learn About Google Reader Blogroll – ARCHIVED

Have you been yearning to show off your Google Reader subscriptions to your blog readers? Steve Lacey of Google created a way for you to turn your subscriptions into a blogroll widget. It is quite simple and if you use Blogger, it’s even easier.

Use Google Search to Find Items in Google Reader – ARCHIVED

Google Reader now has Google Search built in. You can use it similarly to the way you can use Google Search in Gmail. When you need to find an item, new or read, but can’t remember the exact title or site that it came from, use Google Search. Here you will learn the best ways to find items.